Sponsor a Youth in the Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands Education Project                                                                                  ( A World Relief Australia Project  - www.wra.org.au )

for an Education

The financial difficulties experienced by the people of the Solomon Islands are felt by all schools including St. Joseph’s. The school fees raised at St. Joseph’s are barely enough to maintain the school, let alone feed the 550 plus students and providing them with learning materials. Lack of Government funding is also a major contributor to the deterioration of school facilities such as learning resources, dormitories and classrooms. Classroom facilities at St. Joseph’s are very basic with little or no financial resources to make any improvements. In some classes the number of students exceeds the number of chairs. In the dormitories there are not enough beds and students have to sleep on the floor. Despite all the challenges and financial difficulties that the Solomon people face, St Joseph’s School pushes forward providing education to young people. Wandering around the school, you cannot help but be infected by the sense of joy among the students as they strive to do the best that they can, in the hope of living the dream that an education brings.

Current Projects by SIEP

1. Chicken Farm.We have refurbished an old WW2 Hospital, which is adjacent to the school, into a chicken farm and donated 400 egg layer chickens. 

Unfortunately the student's diet lacks protein as they mostly eat cabbage,rice and cassava( sweet potato). Chicken eggs can improve the health, well being and mental alertness for learning. Not only will chicken eggs provide a good source of protein but the students will also be able to learn poultry farming which maybe useful to them in the future. 

2. Computers. The school now has it's first Computer Room. From donations we were able to fully renovate a classroom and install 45 computers. The Computer Classroom is the biggest in the country. The school had no computers available to for students before . A school without computers makes it very difficult for students to compete against the rest of the world. Now the students have computers and a full time Computer Teacher. Senior students who go to university will have a much easier transition. The good news this year is the internet is now connected. 

You can help provide better educational facilities by donating at the link: https://www.wra.org.au/1310atriskeducation